Work-Life Balance - 10 BEST ways to achieve It

Work-Life Balance – 10 BEST ways to achieve It

Today’s personal and professional environment has never been more challenging. Many people expect to achieve an ultimate “work-life balance” however this is an ideal situation and not a realistic expectation. Balancing work and family is a challenge most of us face. So, the ability to maintain a healthy balance between work life and personal life is essential for all modern professionals. You can’t have a healthy life without a healthy work-life balance. You know this. You also know that you spent this past weekend checking email and maybe not getting enough exercise. Too much of anything is no good for anybody, even if it’s what you do for a living.

According to a Workplace Stress and Health study in Australia, 85% of all Australian employees are working too hard. This brings about frustration and tension in the family.

But YOU don’t need to worry. Stay cool, calm, and collected. Our FREE guide shows a path to having the same operating systems in our lives that businesses such as Apple have in theirs. These teachings can be applied to anyone so that they can function like their idols, no matter how busy their lives are.

Here are 10 ways to achieve the ultimate work-life balance:

1. Get as much sleep as you can (7-8 hours).

Seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night is essential to a healthy lifestyle and well-being. When you’re asleep, your body takes advantage of its downtime for increased regeneration and recovery. The feel-good hormones in your brain are replenished, your heart rate slows down and drops in blood pressure, and your body has a chance to repair cells. By consistently getting enough sleep each night, you prevent the negative effects that can result from lack of sleep, including irritability, reduced mental performance, and even serious chronic health issues like obesity and diabetes.

2. Learn how to say no.

The word “NO” is a powerful and crucial component of setting effective boundaries, which help protect your time, energy, and focus. Boundaries are essential to our mental health and allow us to put ourselves before others and their problems, and It helps you to gracefully step out of any situation where you may feel uncomfortable – whether this is speaking to strangers or simply saying no to requests at work when it’s not feasible. But, saying no is difficult because society has conditioned us to help others in need and to always place the needs of others before ours. But to live a fulfilled life – both personally and professionally – you must learn how to say no when it is necessary so that you can create strong boundaries and remain firm and professional.

3. Unplug your devices.

As a society, we are becoming more reliant on technology. This is making our lives easier but also more stressful at the same time. The big task of unplugging from technology for an entire day (or longer) can be daunting. But it is very important not for working professionals, but for people of all levels and ages to take some time off from their electronic devices and use those moments to socialize, exercise, and feel happier and healthier.

4. Avoid guilt.

Do you feel guilty when you’re taking time off work – whether it’s work-related or personal? Do you feel like you have to explain yourself all the time? Maybe the problem isn’t your guilt. Maybe it’s how you think about the whole thing. So, don’t think too much, and enjoy the time that you get with your friends and/or family.

5. Be realistic and prioritize things in life.

You are a very busy man and always need to finish your work before the deadline. This is a good attitude toward life, but you should not aim higher than your abilities can reach. Learning to relax, be realistic, and prioritize things in life will help you to achieve your target faster resulting in more free time for yourself.

6. Don’t procrastinate.

What will you do if you have 20 years more for your desires? Live for yourself? See the world? Keep up with our updates? Purchase more meaningful things? Spend more time with your family and friends? No matter what you wish, always keep in mind there is no time to procrastinate. In 20 years from now, life may show that it was not ready for the changes, that you started to make now.

7. Schedule your work before you start your day.

It’s a fact: the more effectively you schedule your work, the more productive you are. There are just too many opportunities to get distracted, procrastinate or waste time when you aren’t clear on what needs to be done or feel overwhelmed by all that you have to do.

8. Be open-minded and encourage innovation.

Do we live to work or work to live? Whatever your perspective, the right balance is key. Achieve it by being open to different ideas, schedules, and ways of working.

9. Ask for help when you need it

Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. This will relieve the pressure of having to do everything yourself and get a better balance in your work and life.

10. Always make time for exercise and eat healthily

You are working day and night, restlessly. Maybe you are slowly stroking towards your goals and achievements. You feel happy for your company as it’s your achievement. But it would be more beautiful if you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work with your loved one(spouse). So, don’t forget to make time for health and fitness.

In conclusion, we should all try to find ways to create a better work balance in life. Whether that is taking the kids outside to play, going on a run at lunch, or just sitting and eating together each night as a family!


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